If you’ve lost all or most of your teeth, getting your full smile back is easier than ever, thanks to dentures! These are an especially great choice if your jaw is unable to support dental implants or you don’t want to have invasive surgery. Whatever decision you make, the team at Brilliant Dental Care is here to make your dream smile a reality.

We offer three types of dentures and will help you figure out which type will be best. No matter what, all of our dentures are completely custom-made for the most comfortable and functional fit.


Immediate dentures give you a new smile, well – immediately. Before we extract any remaining teeth, we will create an impression of your mouth, giving us what we need to create and insert your dentures as soon as the teeth are removed.

For the best possible fit, we may need to add temporary linings or tissue conditioners. After your mouth has healed, you’ll need a permanent reline to ensure a comfortable fit.

Implant Retained

You have a few options with implant retained dentures, but all of them essentially involve using dental implants as a secure base. It will provide more stability for your removable dentures and prevent them from slipping around.

Ball attachment dentures utilize two implants, while bar attachment dentures use four or six. The great thing about implants is they help prevent your jawbone from deteriorating over time.


Partial dentures are for those who are not missing all their teeth. They are created either out of acrylic or a metal and acrylic composite. Dr. Freeman will make sure your chewing force is evenly distributed and will make any adjustments if necessary.

Are You Looking to Get Dentures in Houston?

Ready to get your smile back? Dentures are a great way to do just that! Contact our team at Brilliant Dental Care today to book an appointment.

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