Looking for an easy way to prevent cavities? Even if you feel like you are consistent with brushing your teeth, cavities can still form in some hard-to-reach areas. While good oral hygiene is important, Brilliant Dental Care offers dental sealants to help put a stop to annoying decay.

What Are Sealants?

Sealants act as a type of protective barrier between your teeth and harmful plaque. The best place for sealants is typically going to be on the chewing surface of your molars.

There are many grooves that provide the perfect location for food and bacteria to settle in, so if you have trouble reaching your back molars or find yourself getting numerous cavities, sealants could be the right choice for you.

How Are Sealants Applied?

The application process for dental sealants is very fast and simple. The first step will be cleaning and drying the tooth. We don’t want any plaque or tartar to be trapped underneath it. Once that’s done, we’ll place an acidic gel to roughen up the tooth’s surface. Finally, we will apply the sealant and harden it with a special blue light.

What Are the Benefits of Sealants?

The obvious benefit of sealants is that they help prevent the need for dental fillings and root canals, but that’s not the only benefit you’ll notice. Some others include:

  1. It will last for years with proper care
  2. You save money in the long run
  3. It’s completely safe

Are You Looking for Sealants in Houston?

If you’re tired of dealing with cavities or you’re worried about missing spots when you brush, come to Brilliant Dental Care to give your teeth an extra barrier of protection. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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